The Steward Board is responsible for the financial and spiritual governance of the church. Stewards are charged with overseeing the fiduciary interests of the church as well as establishing operating policies and procedures. The Steward Board approves new initiatives, programs and capital expenses as recommended by the pastor. Stewards are appointed annually by the pastor. 


 The Trustee Board is responsible for the temporal concerns of the church. Trustees are charged with safeguarding all of the church's real estate and other properties and for making improvements when necessary. Trustees are nominated by the Pastor and elected annually by the congregation. 


 The Stewardess Board is responsible for providing the elements for Holy Communion. They also assist the ministerial staff with Holy Communion and Baptismal rites. Stewardesses are appointed by the pastor. 


The Lay Organization of is comprised of members of the congregation age 18 and older. The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is dedicated to promoting the history, traditions, principals, discipline, evangelistic, financial and general well-being of African Methodism.  The Lay is also charged with keeping alive the memory of our founder, Bishop Richard Allen.  The Lay also studies the book of Discipline and learns the law of the church.  It encourages financial support of the church's programs and teaches stewardship practices to the youth and new members.  The Lay also supports various church programs and organizations and gets involved with social action in the church community.   

Ollie Elizabeth Powell W.M.S. (Women's Missionary Society)

The Ollie Elizabeth Powell Women's Missionary Society supports the connectional Women's Missionary Society (WMS) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The WMS  is comprised of individuals who seek to help each person grow in the knowledge and experience of God through his son Jesus Christ. The WMS also provides opportunities and resources to meet the changing needs and concerns of women and youth through intensive training, recruitment, and Christian witnessing. 

Sunday School

The St. Luke Faith in Action Bible Study seeks to teach all the students the Word of God and to be faithful and obedient to it. It is composed not only of children and youth, but also a large adult class. Students receive a strong Christian foundation from the instruction they receive.  All are welcome to share in this Christian fellowship. 

The Adult class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Church sanctuary. The Youth classes meet at 9:00 am in the fellowship hall. Bible lessons are taught using text and arts and crafts for ages 5 years and up.



St. Luke Music Ministry offers opportunities of praise and worship through singing with our adult and children’s choir.  



An organization of volunteers who visit the sick & shut-in, in various nursing homes in the community providing spirital support and fellowship through a monthly church service, and providing items for personal care to the residents.